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Creating alternate learning practices that transform the way young people are re-engaged in education

Department For Education Registration Number: 207/6011

Our Vision


  • Ensuring that every young person has access to a bespoke and personalised framework for learning where an individual’s potential is realised and achieved


  • Provide an environment where positive choices are encouraged and personal success and improvement is insisted upon.


  • Transform the way young people engage, by building positive relationships for change and secure opportunities for success and improved self esteem


Our Local Authority Partners:



London Borough Of Southwark

London Borough of Ealing

London Borough of Wandsworth

London Borough of Lewisham



Plan B uses a 5 stage model of

change that takes the hardest to reach young people from non engagement to 

sustained engagement


GCSE Maths

GCSE English

GCSE Digital Photography

GCSE Citizenship

Modular Science.

Functional Skills 1, 2, & 3.

ASDAN Education.

Our Model of Change


Decision making & choices.

Communication skills.

Social skills.
Relaxation techniques.

Drug awareness.

Anger management.

Building Self-esteem, self-confidence &


Conflict resolution.
Assertive & passive ( what's the difference).


Plan B works closely with family members of our young people. We recognise that with  home visits and regular communication with families a relationship for change and engagement is much easier to acheive.







A sense of belonging must be created within the school and with staff to create a relationship for change. - Only then can we expect the generosity of engagment.




Living the value of Generosity means ‘each one helping another’ or ‘giving to gain’ without waiting to be asked, even when you may feel you have nothing worth giving. Generosity manifests itself in how we think, speak, engage, and treat one another. When generosity is continually practiced, hope and empathy is demonstrated as people develop a personal sense of worth, purpose, and value through believing they have something to give and contribute to society.




Living the value of Competence means embracing the continual need to be learning, growing, and increasing our own skills and experiences, in order to understand and support others in their learning and growth tensions. Competency means we seek to continuously develop ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It also means that we are creating the right opportunities to help ourselves and others to gain skills using every challenge and experience as an opportunity to advance. When people feel confident in their abilities, they open themselves up to developing root competencies for effectively and efficiently helping themselves and others to make the transition between street, school, college, careers and adulthood.




Living the value of Interdependence means consistently developing ways in which to better engage with others in both good and difficult situations. This is a critical part of self, organisational and development in and out of school. When Interdependence is continually practiced, learning to work with others in a mutually beneficial way to achieve personal and shared aims and ambitions is greatly enhanced and sustained.




Living the value of Independence means that each one of us, in our roles, is able to perform our responsibilities with excellence, know when to ask for help, and to commit to a lifestyle, both in public and in private, that truly models and promotes living out of harm’s way and dependency. When independence is continually practiced, values such as self-awareness and personal responsibility will be more evident.




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